Chennai city alone produces 5000 tons of garbage every day!

Mixed waste such as

  • Organic waste that can be composted,
  • Dry waste that can be recycled
  • E-waste that can be recycled or carefully destroyed and
  • Sanitary Waste (Rejects)

All these are mixed and collected together. The mixed waste that is collected is dumped in dump yards and sometimes burnt, resulting in gross pollution of land, water and air.

We at Namma Ooru Foundation is on a mission to change mixed waste disposal behaviour of the citizens. Towards this end we

  • Provide end-to-end solution for intelligent garbage disposal.
  • Help citizens with our 2 bins 1 bag to segregate.
  • Rope in recyclers who pick up dry waste for recycling from the doorstep.
  • Handhold people to compost with a user-friendly and hassle-free composting kit.
  • Educate about the different types of waste:
  • Which type of waste will be confined to Recycle bag?
  • Which waste will go to the green bin for composting?
  • Which waste will go into the red bin to be sent to landfills?
  • We offer support to citizens and support groups through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and our website by imparting knowledge, answering queries and doubts with regard to segregation and composting.
  • We constantly create resources such as videos and reading materials giving step-by-step instructions on segregation and composting.

All initiatives of Namma Ooru Foundation stem from the basic belief that without community involvement nothing is possible. Whatever we do, we strive to bring communities together so that through community building we can make all our goals possible.

  • All our projects are executed by making communities come together.
  • We are making all our solutions sustainable by establishing local chapters:
  • We give know-how and directions in the areas of improvement identified.
  • We do handholding and motivate the projects to be executed by the communities on their own strengths.
  • We extend our support, set up initiatives and help in handholding.
  • We also ensure that communities are empowered to be able to sustain the projects.

Our community is our responsibility!
Namma Ooru, namma poruppu!

People are not aware of how much water is being used every day , what are the water sources available to us for our needs, how many rivers and lakes are there in Chennai, where is the city getting water from and how much.

Namma Ooru Foundation

  • Creates data on the water resources available to citizens.
  • Identifies lakes, ponds and rivers in Chennai.
  • Ropes in communities to rescue ponds and lakes that have been encroached upon.
  • Creates awareness on the need for water, why conserving lakes and ponds is important.

A few years ago, the government was pushing for Rain Water Harvesting in a big way making it compulsory for every household to construct and maintain RWH pits. However, this has been forgotten.

  • Many houses do not maintain RWH pits for saving rain water.
  • People are not aware of the severity of water crisis the city is facing.
  • We are fighting with other states for water instead of saving our rain water.

Namma Ooru Foundation addresses this issue by

  • Imparting technical know-how about RWH pits and how to maintain them.
  • Creating awareness about the benefits of saving rainwater, which percolates to the ground and recharges ground water.
  • Involving the community and addressing the issue locally by bringing RWH pit makers, experts and people working for this cause together as a community initiative.

Why has the green cover been reducing continuously? What is the impact of reducing green cover?

  • Rapid urbanization and laying of roads have resulted in trees being uprooted drastically.
  • Natural calamities like Vardah have also resulted in uprooting a number of trees.
  • Not many initiatives involving planting of trees are being taken up to replace the lost green cover by the government or communities. This has reduced the quantum of oxygen in the air.
  • Increasing population has resulted in further depletion of oxygen in the air. Namma Ooru Foundation is conscious about the impact of the consistently reducing green cover.
  • We rope in communities and help them identify where they can plant trees.
  • We help communities with saplings and local labour.
  • We impart know-how on tree planting, how to nurture and maintain trees.
  • We involve children in nurturing saplings till they grow into trees.

Lifestyle changes during the past two decades are leading us toward a huge environmental disaster. Twenty years ago, there were no plastics, batteries or electronic gadgets, electronic and plastic toys that we see in use today universally. We are leaving huge carbon footprints, which is a worrisome trend. Tamilnadu has a population of 7 crores and Chennai, one crore and the kind of carbon footprints we are leaving is alarming.

Namma Ooru Foundation is very conscious of this environmental hazard and is focusing on how to reduce carbon footprints so that small lifestyle changes can contribute to go-green initiatives.

  • We give people inputs on necessary lifestyle changes.
  • We organize awareness campaigns on how to reduce carbon footprints