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We take pride in driving you to this session of ‘Namma Thooimai’ which means ‘Our Cleanliness’. Through this project we execute our waste management methods, providing end-to-end solution for effective waste management.

Chennai alone produces close to 5000 tons of garbage everyday, of which amajor chunk is organic and recyclable waste. By segregating garbage at source we can compost organic waste and send recyclable waste for recycling. The process involves the following steps:

Step 1: Segregate

Namma Thooimai introduces a 2 bin-1 bag system, with red & green bins and one reusable bag. Organic waste will go into the green bin, rejects will go into the red bin and recyclable waste will go into the reusable bag.

Step 2: Pick Up

To save your time we would bring rag-pickers and scrap dealers into the system and help pick up recyclable/organic waste everyday. For residents interested in composting, organic waste would be left with them.

Step 3: Compost

We educate residents and offer them aerated bins, bio-clean bricks and the know-how for home composting.

NAMMA THOOIMAI, which means ‘Our Cleanliness’ is designed to provide end to end solution on waste management. What is Namma Thooimai all about?

There are three aspects in “Namma Thooimai”:

  • Segregation of Gargabe at Source
  • Compost the Organic Waste
  • Recycle the Recylable Waste

We provide, 2 bin 1 bag to segregate the garbage at source. A green bin, red bin and a bag. Green bin to collect the organic waste, red bin to collect the rejects and bag to collect the recyclable waste.

The organic waste collected in the green bin will be composted using our composting bin. The recyclable waste will be collected by our dry waste management partner and only the rejects will be given to the corporation to handle.

So far 1000+ homes in and around Adyar, Thiruvanmiyur, Besant Nagar and Velachery, OMR joined Namma Thooimai project. All of them are segregating, composting and recycling.