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Catch them young; as the saying goes, It is of paramount importance that the younger generation needs to be aware of their role in taking care of our environment. Namma School is a project designed to work with schools to educate and empower the entire eco-system by involving schools, teachers, parents and children. Highlights of Namma School

  • Conduct awareness programs in schools to educate children and parents on waste management.
  • Provide activities for children on waste management so that they learn by doing.
  • Field trips to water bodies, nature parks and places where they can get an opportunity to be a part of nature so that they understand the ecosystem and the importance of nature conservation.
  • Programs to inculcate the habit of responsibly using natural resources like water and being thankful for the same.

Role of School:

  • Provide the necessary infrastructure for waste management like composting pit, segregation bins etc.
  • Accommodate time for various programs for children and parents every month.

Role of Children:

  • Follow the rules on waste management.
  • Perform activities provided by the resource persons as part of the project.

Role of Parents:

  • Practice waste management at home.
  • Support children to undertake various projects and activities given as a part of Namma School project.

Role of Teachers:

  • Support the students to perform their activities on waste management.
  • Help parents to cope with lifestyle changes that promote conservation of the environment.

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