Namma Koilic_swacch

Temples are generating lot of flower/garland waste and also food waste every day. They all are being dumped in the regular dumpster and it is travelling all the way to the dumpyard.

Namma Ooru is adopting temples to do the waste management in the temple itself.

We are taking the pookaramma/flower shop vendors near the temple and the temple management as partners since they are also part of the chain.

Namma Ooru will set up the composting bin inside the temple premises or near the temple and the flower waste collected from the temple will be composted and it will not travel all the way to the dumpyards.

The respective chapter members will own and execute this project by making sure the project is executed seamlessly. And also we are giving cloth bags to pookarammas for the archana thattu, right now they are using plastic bags. Our volunteers also go to the temple regularly to urge the temple goers to avoid plastic bags and carry the cloth bags.